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This short documentary series emphasizes the human consequences of the Norwegian asylum policy. Despite strong ties to the country, several children have been deported from Norway over the past few years. In situations like these, where the children are the most innocent and vulnerable, their voices deserve to be heard.


Directors: Christer Fasmer & Rangnhild Sørheim

Producer: Thorvald Nilsen

Photo: Benjamin Langeland, 

Arne Daniel Storevold Haldorsen, 

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Editing: Benjamin Langeland

Music: Olav Øyehaug

Status: Premiere november 2015


Episode 1 Farida 15:41 min.

Episode 2 Negin 11:28 min.

Episode 3 Hawjin og Nawjin 9:34 min.

Episode 4 Karan 8:31 min.

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